Rental Rates

  • Private Studio

    (single occupancy)


  • Additional Person

    (if related and a primary diagnosis of dementia)


  • Additional Person

    (if related and no diagnosis of dementia)

    Basic Service Plan $1140.00
    Level 1 Service Plan $1547.00
    Level 2 Service Plan $2009.00
  • Companion Studio

    (Double Occupancy and not related)


Respite Services

Respite Services

Respite (per 24 hours)* Day Respite (per hour)**
Companion Private
$129.00 $140.00
Companion Private
$16.00 $19.00

*no partial days permitted

**no partial hours charges permitted. Minimum of three (3) hours required. Any length of time over one hour will be an automatic charge of an additional hour.